Well-being, radiance and beauty: three essential factors, important for the harmony of mind and body. In our exclusive beauty area "Marlen", we offer the utmost attention and propose a wide selection of effective beauty and wellness treatments using high quality products by Vitalis Dr. Joseph and Maria Galland Paris to meet every need.

Maria Galland

A integral approach to beauty care, products with long-term effects and trust in the experience of professional cosmetic applications, that is Maria Galland.

Art of Care

Herbal products for every skin type, developed from South Tyrolean healing plants, support the natural beauty of each person and make the skin glow.

Wacker Balance

An alkaline body care line for a smooth acid-base balance of the skin works together very well with the basenfasten - die wacker-methode applications - for pure well-being.

Haslauer Soft Pack floating couch

Comforting warmth, subdued light as well as nurturing oils or creams, herbs, mud, algae, blossoms or leaves have an effect on body and mind and give a holistic experience. More than 30 different recipes make the treatment a varied experience with a feel-good guarantee.

Top 3 applications for your well-being
Beauty Day for him and her
For him and her

Book your wellness package consisting of a facial treatment, a partial massage and a soothing package.

Draining massage
Detoxifying & Stimulating

Gentle massage techniques that stimulate the lymph flow. Can be booked as a partial or full body massage.

Facial Lift Expert
Firming & Tightening

An anti-aging treatment for a youthful, fresh appearance and smooth skin.