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Find your harmony in our spa hotel near Merano

Doing nothing… how sweet it is!

Relax amidst the park lying on a comfortable bed; Take a swim from time to time, admiring the magnificent scenery. This is pure relaxation on hot summer days at the Marlena Spa Hotel, a few kilometres from Merano. For nature lovers, but also for architectural enthusiasts, because we wanted to make it an exclusive feature in our wellness area as well, ranging from beautiful panoramic saunas to the façade in the indoor pool, offering you a spectacular play of light and shadows.

The sauna area

Get your fill of health: the sauna area is open daily from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

The Finnish sauna, a classic for sauna lovers, activates the immune system and improves the appearance of skin. In the steam bath the temperatures are lower than the sauna and the high humidity purifies and invigorates, offering a sensation of profound well-being. The biosauna, also called a low temperature sauna, activates the circulation. The humidity is about 50% and the average temperature is 50°C. With its gentle heating action, the infrared cabin increases perspiration, relieves pain and is ideal after sports activities, such as a game of golf or a tennis match.

Adults only

The lounge sauna with panoramic view
Designed by achitect Marlen Inderst, the two panoramic saunas behind the outdoor pool will give you moments of pure pleasure with a view on Ivigna.

The indoor pool

You will be captivated by the dreamy ambiance created by the impressive play of lights on the three-dimensional wall by Luis Stefan Stecher, and enjoy moments of absolute relaxation in the pleasant temperatures in our spa hotel. Look outside: the window opens to a view on the Val d'Adige, on the summits of the Tessa Group, Merano and the enchanting surroundings.

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