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Health and wellness holiday in South Tyrol

A Marlena tradition: fasting before Easter

Fasting is the oldest and, probably, the best way to stay healthy and fit. In South Tyrol, it takes on particular importance just before Easter. Marlena has embraced this tradition for over 30 years and in each period before Easter, it organizes weeks devoted to the method of Otto Buchinger, which includes controlled fasting. This fast does not eliminate solid foods, and emphasises rest, outdoor movement, exchanges of experience with other participants and pleasant wellness treatments. A qualified team led by Dr Peter von Sontagh and Maria Spiesmaie, a professional guide, are here to accompany you. Take a break, forget about stress, get out of your daily routine, and reduce your weight at the same time. Combined with a well-defined extra programme, your healthy holiday in South Tyrol will give you long-term benefits. A proper fast regenerates mind and body, activates the metabolism and benefits the digestive system.

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