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Unmatched comfort in a luxury hotel in Merano and surroundings

Free to be yourself

Each room and suite is unique. All with carefully selected materials. In our luxury hotel near Merano, restrained elegance blends with refined art, tradition blends with innovation. From the windows, you can admire the nature as far as the eye can see, with the relaxing green of the park on one hand, while from the balcony you can cast your gaze up to the horizon, across the Merano valley. Inhale the scent of flowers and listen to the wonderful sounds of nature, fill up on positive energy and forget about all your cares.

The Villa: the architectural jewel of Marlena

Light and modern lines, selected designer furniture and exclusive artwork characterize the rooms of the villa, an architectural jewel designed by architect Marlen Inderst, daughter of Hans, the owner. To find out, click here.

Marlena: exclusive comfort

The rooms and suites of the Park Hotel Marlena are spacious and comfortable, stylish and very welcoming. They offer you a haven for your vacation, and you might find it very hard to leave! Click here and choose your favourite room.

Chandeliers: a precious legacy of the ancient Terme di Merano

Hans Inderst managed to "secure" some precious Murano glass chandeliers from the ancient Terme di Merano. Today, they adorn the staircase's stairwell, harmoniously integrating into the modern architectural context and enchanting with their extraordinary play of light.

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