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Alto Adige Balance: in tune with your self

Disconnect. Leave your daily routine behind. Re-establish inner harmony. These desires are manifested periodically. When you "take shelter" at the Park Hotel Reserve Marlena you can accomplish all this. During the weeks of Alto Adige Balance, you will find the ideal conditions for reaching harmony and recharging new energy. Alto Adige Balance is an offer for those who dream of finding a bright vitality. Experiences with experts, combined with the awakening of nature, transmit positivity, while concrete suggestions give inspiration to achieve greater balance in every situation.

At Marlena, we also offer you a fantastic weekly programme with guided hiking, golf, tennis, tastings and many other activities.


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Sweet temptation

At the Platterhof Apiary the hard-working bees are kept in species-appropriate and natural wooden beehives.

Our honey as a medicine and remedy

We only use organic methods to keep them healthy. In this way the honey is kept as clean and natural as possible and meets the highest quality standards. Discover the astonishing life and work of the honey bee with our expert, Georg Eller. Honey is not only delicious and able to be used in many varied ways in the kitchen, but is also often used in the health-conscious diet. This natural product is increasingly being used in many cosmetic and medicinal products. Georg Eller will give you an interesting insight into the exciting world of honey and its various by-products. Afterwards there will be a tasting session with plenty of useful information.

Healthy things from the spring garden

At the very start everyone goes into the herb and vegetable garden at the Senn am Egg mountain inn on the Marling High Mountain Trail.

Preparing tasty spreads

The fresh ingredients for the herb butter are picked there. It will be interesting for the participants to see what other surprises the cottage garden has in store in spring. Next, inspired by the aromas of the herbs, herb butter will be made on the inn's sun terrace. In the process the butter will be hand-made by shaking cream in a glass. For the spread, chives will be mixed with quark and seasoned with aromatic herbs. To ensure that this morning is a varied taste experience, the spreads will be tried out with fresh bread from our village bakery and juices made at the Senn am Egg mountain inn.