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Holidays in a 4-star Superior hotel near Merano

At Marlena in Marlengo, take your time

In our 4-star hotel in Marlengo, we know how important it is to arrive at your destination, leave behind the stress that precedes you and take a deep breath. Only then do you really feel "on vacation".
Take your time and take a chill break before enjoying all the opportsessionies offered by Marlena.







a name, a reason

Leave your daily life behind, forget about stress and worry, dedicate time to yourself for once and put your well-being and your desires first. Our 4 star hotel is a safe nest near Merano, where you can take refuge every time you need to regenerate yourself.

An oasis of peace in a world full of frenzy, surrounded by a large park with beautiful flowers and inebriating scents, where you feel protected but at the same time completely free. Free to form every single day of your holiday with the stuff of which dreams are made.