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Cleanslines, selected design furniture and exclusive artwork

Art is my great passion...

says Hans Inderst, Marlena's owner.
In every interior and in the park, contemporary artists are celebrated, including Luis Stefan Stecher, a longtime friend of our design hotel. His works enliven several walls at Marlena. A whole stube is also dedicated to him, the ideal place to spend pleasant moments in good company.
In our Marlengo design hotel, near Merano, art is ubiquitous: contemporary artists of the internationally renowned territory adorn the rooms and corridor, the hall and the cellar, the restaurant and the common rooms. The sculptures of renowned artists create a very special atmosphere in the various areas. Even in the park you can “breathe” the art.
The owner will be happy to show you his personal collection and to provide you with information about galleries and museums in the surroundings, for example on current exhibitions of Merano Arte.    

Robert Bosisio

Born in 1963

Robert Bosisio was born in Trodena. After graduating from the Bolzano Graphics School, he studied at the Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst (Academy of Applied Arts) in Vienna.

In the past he had the opportunity to stay in Berlin and New York while today he lives and works in Trodena and Cluj (Romania).

Rudolf Bellenzier

1922 - 1990

Born in Tecelinga near Bressanone, Rudolf Bellenzier, from a family of farmers, initially dedicated himself to botanical studies. When he returned home after World War II as a war invalid, his botanical career was over and he entered the world of painting with Prof. Blask in Bressanone.

In 1957, he moved to Merano and shortly thereafter received an invitation to paint the landscapes of Lower Saxony at the fair of Hanover. Rudolf Bellenzier was a very versatile painter and graphic artist who never gave up on his rich personality, always bringing new aspects to light. His singularity is the ability to define representative style starting from the mood of the moment, and is especially emphasized in oil painting. Therefore, the same landscape subject can sometimes light up with a strongly expressionist green appearance, while others stretch toward infinity in a delicate mother-of-pearl impressionist inspiration. In his artistic production, elements of strongly opposed styles come together. This is also confirmed by the two works that can be seen in the of our design hotel.

Marcello Jori

Born in 1951

The Merano-born artist Marcello Jori is one of the most significant exponents of modern Italian art. He was a "painter" in the most technical sense of the term only at the beginning of his career. A series of watercolors (1967 - 1970) clearly shows the influence of Paul Klee.

Juxtaposition and varieties are now considered by him as an artistic opportunity to express his wealth of facets and to escape a specific definition. With pride, he calls himself a chameleon. The effect of the analogue in his "true" works is particularly enhanced by Jori's choice of painting his "buildings" on three-dimensional wooden bodies. Illusions turn into a double geometry, often opposing. To the calculations of the painted surface, the actual dimensions of the body are added and in this way the already high degree of impenetrability of the figures is further increased (A. Hapkemeyer's review).
At the bar of Park Hotel Marlena, you can admire a piece named "Intelligente" (205 x 177 cm) created by Marcello Jori in 1988.

Hans Nowak

1922 - 1996
Hans Nowak had already discovered his passion for painting in his youth. He achieved his academic education and the technical perfection that distinguished his works at Bielefeld's art school.1939 he moved to Munich, where he lived, improved and worked with his painter colleagues.

In addition, he also developed his knowledge on the production of dye pigments and binders, which are found in his work. His initial artistic achievement was with his first exhibition of 1946, while international recognition came in 1954 when he participated in an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. Several exhibitions, television appearances, and news coverage followed. We are fortunate to have a work of this renowned artist: the "Niederländische Landschaft" (the Dutch countryside), to admire in the stone pine stube, was a gift from the family of Dr. Klaus Vogel and Stache on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Marlena in 1983.

Thomas Riss

1871 - 1959
The artist native of Stams, Tyrol made a name for himself especially for his expressive faces. Whether they were subjects of Tyrolean popular life or portraits, Riss not only painted the exterior appearance, but also captured the inner essence, thus distinguishing himself from photographers.

When Riss realized that his model was different from the first impression, he painted the picture a second time. His works appear so incredibly alive and characteristic, that in the first half of the twentieth century, Riss became the most important portraitist of Tyrol, whose fame reached beyond the local boundaries.

Luis Stefan Stecher

Born in 1937
Born in Lasa, in Val Venosta, he lives in Marlengo, where he worked as an independent artist and writer. In 1958, he completed his painting studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. 

Study trips, combined with longer stays, led him to South-East Asia. Among his literary publications we remember Korrnrliadr. Gedichte in Vintschger Mundart (Bolzano, 1978), Beinahnähe (Bozen, 1980). For the Austrian ORF, he organized König Ortler und Marmorkaiser (1978) and Am dritten Tage aber... (1979). Since 1965, he has been a member of the Südtiroler Künstlerbund association, since 1978 of the Ein Klub Liechtenstein and since 1981 of the Südtiroler Autorenvereinigung. In 1968, he received the Walther von der Vogelweide Award. In addition to numerous paintings, that enhance Marlena's various spaces, the artist was commissioned by Hans Inderst to furnish the Stecher Stube with a series of paintings depicting different expressive faces.

Further artists

Many other artists show their works at Marlena, such as by Ivo Mahlknecht and Jörg Hofer's paintings, where we find special materials such as marble powder and pigments. 

In the common areas, in the cellar and in the park, you will be welcomed by the works of renowned sculptors such as Bernhard Grassl and Ulrich Egger. In the historic cellar, there are also ancient paintings on wood and paintings by the famous artist Albert Stolz, while the lounge, characterised by its timeless charm, has been painted in a visionary way decades ago by architect Oswald Zoeggeler. Two photographic installations by the artist Johannes Inderst entitled "Fauna" and "Apfelbaum" ("apple tree") offer a bold aesthetic-photographic contrast with the current expressive possibilities of Nature.
For 30 years, Marlena is a place that focuses on art and culture, supporting local artists and hosting various exhibitions.

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