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Arts & Architecture

Design hotel near Merano, South Tyrol

An encounter between art and architecture

When a perfectly designed architectural structure, able to stand up to any fashion, is complemented by extraordinary and harmoniously inserted works of art, a dream holiday is born, and will forever remain in your heart. Spend your South Tyrol vacation in our design hotel near Merano. You will be enchanted by an authentic atmosphere, conceived from the harmonious blend of art and architecture. Learn more about South Tyrol's artistic and cultural heritage, visiting exhibitions and museums, art gallery openings and concerts, exhibitions open to the public and more...

Art at Marlena, art in South Tyrol

The Stube, decorated by artist L. S. Stecher and the “bunker” room by the Inderst brothers, are ideal for pleasant stops. The historic cellar is adorned with antique paintings on wood by Rudolf Stolz. The lush park is enhaced with metal, wood and marble sculptures, while a zen garden with cypresses and olive trees offers a distinctive harmony to the varied environment. Our design hotel is a place of art and culture, in keeping with the changing times.

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